What is KF94 Mask?

KF94 Mask is a High quality mask made in Korea. Korean KF rated masks come in two different levels, KF80 and KF94. Like the NIOSH system, the number represents the filtration rate of particles, and this makes the masks very easy to compare. For example, a KF80 mask will filter 80% of particles at the MPPS. The KF system is based on the European FFP rating system and as such, it performs almost identically. A KF80 mask performs the same as an FFP1 mask, and KF94 will perform the same as an FFP2 mask. KF means Korea Filter, and 94 means it can shield more than 94% of average particle size of 0.4 micron. As the Korea First Class mask, it has equivalent specifications with N95 mask. In COVID-19 situation, our products, KF94 masks, can be the best alternative masks.

Specifications of KF94 Mask

N95 vs KF94